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Zamian Mayu Handmade Soap 100g - Whitening Soap Horse Oil

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Zamian mayu whitening soap is contained Horse oil, Arbutin, Teatree oil, Lavender oil, other substantance that help trouble-care and cleaning to the sensitive skin. This product heps to repair acne scar, lighten pigmentation whiile at the same time provide hydrating to skin.

Ingredients : Horse oil, Arbutin, Teatree oil, CoConut milk, Lavender oil, Propolis, Snail filtrate,
Palm oil, Houttuynia codata, Licorice Root Extract, JoJoba oil, Sheabutter, Alkyl poly Glucosides,
Sodium, Hyaluronate, Distilled qater, Centella asiatica Extract, Triclosan 

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