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W.Dressroom Vita Solution Perfumed Dry Shampoo 维他命香水干洗发喷雾 150ml

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Scalp starting oily in afternoon!
Don't worry, we have Vita Solution Dry Shampoo

+Vita Complex Synergy Effect
+A Synergy Effect of Various Vegetable Oils

As a hair care brand of W.Dressroom, Vita Solution provide stable hair condition, to give a beautiful hair and scent.

It is a hypoallergenic hair toatal solution product.

4 Flavour:
No.26 Herb Woody
No.49 Peach Blossom
No.97 April Cotton
No.98 Secret Musk

Recommended for those who have such troubles!

1. Sensitive Scalp - Persimmon, camellia leaves, carob fruit natural complex extract helps improve sensitive scalp condition.

2. Hair that splits and breaks due to lack of nutrition - Shikakai ingredients to supplying nutrients to the hair helps hair healthier

3. Those who want clean scalp care - Vitamin B ingredients moisturizing the dryness scalp helps strenthen scalp barrier.

4. Elastic and saggy hair - Herb extract ingredients and vitamin ingredients nourishes the hair helps to shine.

How to use:

Step 1 Shake well before use.

Step 2 20cm away from the scalp and spray evenly.

Step 3 After spraying, rub the hair thoroughly and massage with your hands, your hair will be ready in refreshing when the powder disappears.

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