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W.Dressroom Vita Solution Perfumed Body Mist 维他命香体喷雾 70ml

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**No.97 April Cotton - EXP FEB 2022**

Vitamin tree extract
Several vitamin complex ingredients
Moisturizing and Skin tone improvement
Helps in skin management
Easy to carry When the skin is dry, anytime, anywhere!

+Ion Peotide Complex
+Vita Complex Synergy Effect
+Hyalpol Matrix
+Pritection Effect of Ceramide

As a body care brand of W.Dressroom, Vita Solution provide stable skin condition, Hypo-allergenic ingredients

It is a total solution product for skincare.

14.9cm, easy to carry
When the skin is dry, anytime, anywhere!

It fits perfectly even in a small bag. Suitable to used often in dry part.

Spray on irritated skin after outdoor activities. Effective to calming sun-burn phenomena.

4 Flavour:
No.26 Herb Woody
No.49 Peach Blossom
No.97 April Cotton
No.98 Secret Musk

How to use:

Spray after shower or whenever you feel dry. Pat to help absorb.

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