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W.Dressroom Deodorant Diffuser 110g

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W.Dressroom Living Diffuser deodorant that significantly removes odours without covering them with fragrance so that you can feel the scent clearly.

It does not only cover the odour but also removes the smell.

Diffuser Deodorizer Series

#03 Baby Green Tea - Full of freshness and Green Tea musk scent. A refreshing green tea msuk scent with the softness of green tea leaves and the freshness of citrus

#97 April Cotton - Soft and sweet scent and Surround with citrus musk scent. A citrus musk scent that surrounds you in a cozy way with the freshness of lime and the soft and sweet scent of vanilla.

Two functions at once

- Deodorant in the closet

- Diffuser in the passing wind

- All-in-one diffuser deodorant

Highly utilizable design

- Minimalist design used in various spaces rather than normal deodorizer.

1. Pleasant fresh air

- Transparent and transparent gel formulation, quickly absorbs and remvoes odour.

- Creat a oleasant fragrance in the stuffy air.

- Out it anywhere that needs to be deodorized.

2. Validated luxury Fragrance

- Unlike the typical scent of deodorant, giving a subtle and luxurious diffuser scent and makes you precious space fragrant.

3. Minimal compact design

- Approciamtely the size of a regular cup of coffee for takeaway.

- Small and compact size to be easily stored.

- In the closet or at the corner of the shoes closet, even in a car that does not have enough space, it can be conveniantly placed and used.

How to use

1. Open the lid.

2. Remove the silver foil film slowly.

3. Close the lid again.

4. Place it wherever you need it such as the closet, kitchen, living room.

Recommendation for people who:

- Troubled by the musty smell of a shoe or closet

-Suffer from bad odours from living room rugs or sofas

-Suffered from a headache due to scent of diffuser mixed with smell of damp fibre odour.

-Trouble using a deodorant whenever there is a smell

-Want a minimalist deodorant that does not occupy too much space

-Need both deodorizing agent and the scent of diffuser

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