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W.Dressroom Car Refresher 1.8ml*2

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Eliminate nasty car odors with this refreshing fragrance.

Round design, comfortable to the touch, small size, no need to worry about blocking the air outlet and driving sight

It comes with a clip for easy adherence anywhere in your vehicle.
Satisfy many types car model, good mood when using.

Capacity: Car Fragrance*1 + 1.8ml*2

How to use:
1. Open the container by turning the front cap.
2. Take off the refill sealing paper carefully.
**Please stop using the transparent film because it can damage the vehicle if it leaks.
3. Put the transparent film part downwards into the container and turn the cap to close it.
4. Secure the clip to the vehicle's air conditioning and heater blowers.
**Be careful not to damage the membrane film when opening the sealing paper!



What is Membrane film?
Membrane is a liquid membrane or solid membrane that can seperate the mixture by passing the liquid and gas through the molecular structure.
The scent from the membrane is subtly spread to the vehicle by the blast hole wind.

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