Utena Puresa Facial Sheet Mask 5's [5 Types To Choose]

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An advanced sheet mask that adheres on skin and moistures! A rich essence penetrates into skin deeply.


- Masks containing collagen and marine elastin.

- Fresh essence help listless skin to become soft and beautiful with a plump and frim feel.

- No alcoholo, no fragrance and no artificial colour.

Hyaluronic Acid

- Masks containing hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract.

- Give moisture and help dry skin to become amazingly beautiful.

- No alcoholo, no fragrance and no artificial colour.


- Masks containing pearl extract and collagen.

- Makes skin radiance and moisture, shiny like a pearl.

- No alcoholo, no fragrance and no artificial colour.


- Masks containing rose extract and hyaluronic acid.

- Make skin look incredibly glamorous and beautiful, while sweet and elegant rose scent surrounds you.

- No alcoholo, and no artificial colour.

Vitamin C

- Masks containing Vitamin C derivative and enzymatic decomposition product of prune.

- Enetrate through the skin with cool sensation and provides moisture.

- Sun explosed skin becomes soft, bright and beautifully white.

- No fragrance and no artificial colour.

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