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Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask [8 in 1 Pack]

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What inside?
2x Rose
2x Hyaluronic Acid
2x Collagen
2x Royal Jelly

Utena mask contains 33 grams of golden jelly collagen serum, rich jelly of serum with perfect balance of moisturizing ingredients, water and oil.

The jelly of serum softens dried adult skin to allow the beauty ingredients to reach deep into the skin.

The jelly texture ensures maximum absorption of collagen, amino acids and ceramides that supply nutrition to skin, refining texture, restoring suppleness and making it look younger and firmer. 

33g Rich Golden Jelly Essence 33g浓厚黄金啫喱美容液

- Double-moisturising formula for skin

- Long-lasting moisturising for skin

- High-quality mask material that adheres onto skin firmly

- Specially clinically developed non-additive formula

High-penetrating golden jelly moisturising formula that softens the skin while providing a deep moisturising Booster effect.


Suitable for a variety of skin types contains coix seed oil, rice bran oil (moisturizing ingredients), ultra-luxury comprehensively added 33g pearl essence and glutinous rice essence double brightening effect, softening adult skin, improving dullness and brightening skin.

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