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Tofu No Moritaya Sheet Mask 5's 豆腐乳酪面膜 [3 Types To Choose]

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3 Types:

Red Aging Care 抗衰老面膜
- 3种玻尿酸添加
- 融合红色植物美容成分
让时间停住 打造年轻水润的肌肤姿态

Blue Rose Hip & Acai 玫瑰果&巴西莓双效
- 3种玻尿酸添加
- 融合维他命C含量约为柠檬20倍的野玫瑰果
- 配合维他命C含量约为柠檬10倍的巴西莓精华
细腻通透的美肌 给你看得见的转变

Pink Moisturising 集中保湿
- 3种玻尿酸添加
- 融合植物精华成分(蛋白多糖,异黄酮)
集中保湿 塑造健康水润肌

Immerse your skin with natual moisturising.

Ingredients for a fresh & radiant skin!

Skincare formulated with Japan Moritaya's unique femented soy milk and yoghurt.

Fragrance free, mineral oil, colorless, paraben free

Patch test · Allergy tested (Not all people suffer skin problems and allergies do not occur.)

How to use:

- After washing the face, put it on the face. Peel off the mask slowly after 15 to 20 minutes.
- Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and rinse with warm water.
- Continue with regular skincare routine.

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