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The ORCHID Skin Tone Up Cream Snow Blur

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Bright correction as white-snowing - Tones up the skin naturally with brighter tone & volume像白雪一样的明亮校正 – 用明亮和自然的色调调理肤色
Whipped-cream-like texture with popping waterdrops带有爆水功效的质地
Moisture Locking - Instant hydration with antioxidants (hyaluronic acid + orchid extract) 锁水 - 使用抗氧化剂即时补水(透明质酸 + 兰花提取物)
Non-sticky make up base with light & smooth finish 不粘腻的底妆,质地轻盈光滑
Contains Total Care Complex patent with natural ingredients such as Olive Fruit Oil and Orchid Extract (Paraben Free) 含有Total Care Complex专利和天然成分,如橄榄果油和兰花提取物(不含防腐剂)
Not only face, but also arm, leg, neck, clavicle and other body parts can be applied to tone up 不仅脸部,手臂、腿部、颈部、锁骨等身体部位都可以使用来提亮肤色

Beauty Tips:
Snow blur – Whitening and moisturising on dull skin #素颜霜 - 美白,滋润功效

How to use:
After finishing basic skin care, apply an adequate amount and gently rub onto skin. 完成基础护肤后,取适量轻轻涂抹于肌肤上。

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