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The ORCHID Skin Soothing Gel 150ml - Skin Relief, Vitalising, Hydrating, Nourishing Sunburn Pore care

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- Bouncy & transparent gel with full of moisture, feeling cool & fresh after application 富有弹性的透明凝胶,充满水分,涂抹后感觉凉爽清新
- Non-sticky and light texture 不粘腻,质地轻盈
- Tube packaging with perfectly considering easy usage & hygiene 完美考虑易用性和卫生的管状包装
- Multi-usage for people of all ages - Can be applied on face, hair & body适用于所有年龄段的人 - 可用于面部、头发和身体

Beauty Tips

Calming Orchid Soothing Gel 镇静兰花舒缓凝胶
- Skin Relief + Vitalizing 舒缓肌肤 + 活化
- Contains Orchid Flower Extract, eases & protects sensitive skin, provides skin vitality (Paraben Free) 含有兰花提取物,舒缓和保护敏感肌肤,赋予肌肤活力(不含防腐剂)

Watery Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 芦荟舒缓凝胶
- Skin Relief + Hydrating 舒缓肌肤 + 保湿
- Contains Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, provides skin vitality & conditioning, maintaining skin oil-water balance (Paraben Free) 含有芦荟叶提取物,提供肌肤活力和调理,维持肌肤油水平衡(不含防腐剂)

Repair Snail Soothing Gel 修护蜗牛舒缓凝胶
- Nourishing + Conditioning 滋养+调理
- Contains Filtered Snail Slime which provides skin elasticity & healthy skin conditioning (Paraben Free) 含有过滤蜗牛粘液,提供皮肤弹性和健康的皮肤调理(不含防腐剂)

Nourishing Mayu Soothing Gel 滋养马油舒缓凝胶
- Skin Moisturizing + Brightening 皮肤保湿+亮白
- Contains Horse Fat with proteins & unsaturated fatty acid, keeping your skin moist & radiant (Paraben Free) 含有马脂肪、蛋白质和不饱和脂肪酸,让您的皮肤保持湿润和容光焕发(不含防腐剂)

Aqua-Fill Cactus Soothing Gel 仙人掌舒缓凝胶
- Skin Balance + Hydrating 皮肤平衡 + 保湿
- Contains Opuntia Ficus-Indica Fruit Extract, with vitamin C & essential amino acids (Paraben Free) 含有仙人掌果提取物、维生素C和必需氨基酸(不含防腐剂)

Fresh Cucumber Soothing Gel 黄瓜舒缓凝胶
- Sunburn Care + Skin Relief 晒伤护理 + 皮肤缓解
- Contains Cucumber Fruit Extract with moisturizing cooling effect and relieves tired skin (Paraben Free) 含有黄瓜果实提取物,具有保湿清凉效果,舒缓疲倦肌肤(不含防腐剂)

Moist-Full Bamboo Soothing Gel 滋润全竹舒缓凝胶
- Sunburn Care + Pore Tightening 晒伤护理 + 毛孔紧致
- Contains Bambusa Vulgaris Extract, a vegetable active ingredient which refreshing the skin & helps with tightening skin pores (Paraben Free) 含有竹子提取物,一种植物活性成分,可提神并帮助收紧皮肤毛孔(不含防腐剂)

How to use:
Simple like 1,2,3! Apply on your skin and dab lightly to absorb into skin. 简单如 1,2,3!轻轻涂抹在皮肤上,直到吸收到皮肤中。

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