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The ORCHID Skin Orchid Flower Snow BBO YAN Hand Cream

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Snow Bbo Yan Hand Cream – Vitamin capsule + brightening雪花护手霜 - 维他命胶囊+亮白

- Smooth skin care with vitamin E capsules, improving skin pigmentation维他命E胶囊使皮肤光滑,改善暗沉皮肤色素
- Patented ingredients - snowflake & hyacinth complex are effective for whitening activation & wrinkle improvement专利成分——雪花和风信子复合物,有效美白活化和改善皱纹
- Healthier by natural ingredients such as Olive Oil, Shea Butter & Allantoin (Paraben Free) 橄榄油、乳木果油和尿囊素等天然成分更健康(不含防腐剂)
- Gives smooth finish with no stickiness表面光滑,不粘腻

How to use:
After wash and dry your hands, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly on your hands, fingers and nails for better absorption. 将双手洗净擦干后,取适量均匀涂抹于手部、手指和指甲,以利于吸收。

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