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The ORCHID Skin Orchid Flower Moisture TOK TOK Hand Cream

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Moisture Tok Tok Hand Cream – Immediate hydration + freshness 爆水护手霜- 即时补水 + 清爽

- Smooth skin care with peach extract & hyaluronic acid用桃子提取物和透明质酸打造光滑肌肤,补充水分
- Light & soft texture, popping out waterdrops by rubbing, no stickiness! 质地轻盈柔软,揉出水珠,不粘腻!
- Hyaluronic acid provides intensive moisture to the skin, with lovely peach fragrance透明质酸为肌肤提供密集的水分,带有桃子香味
- Healthier by natural ingredients such as Peach, Aloe Vera Leaf & Betaine Extract (Paraben Free) 桃子、芦荟叶和甜菜碱提取物(不含防腐剂)等天然成分

How to use:
After wash and dry your hands, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly on your hands, fingers and nails for better absorption. 将双手洗净擦干后,取适量均匀涂抹于手部、手指和指甲,以利于吸收。

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