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The ORCHID Skin Orchid Flower Hand Mask 1pair

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- Hand masks in the form of gloves soaked in hydrating ingredients that repair & moisturize dry skin手套形式的手膜浸泡在保湿成分中,可修复和滋润干燥的皮肤
- Fresh and clear essence which can effectively provides moisture and nutrient into our skin清新清透的精华,有效为肌肤补充水分和养分
- Seamless & firm sealing fixed on wrist, wear it like a glove! 无缝,牢固的密封固定在手腕上,像戴手套一样佩戴!
- After applying, touching on a smartphone OK! Any movement OK! 敷后,使用手机也 OK!任何动作都OK!
- Contains Orchid Flower, Honey, Pot Marigold Flower & Ginseng Extract (Paraben Free) 含有兰花、蜂蜜、金盏花和人参提取物(不含防腐剂)
- Suitable for rough, dry, wrinkled or chapped hands & damaged nails due to frequent nail-arting适合粗糙、干燥、起皱或皲裂的手以及因频繁美甲而受损的指甲

Beauty Tips:
- Massage hands to absorb essence evenly when applying the hand mask敷手膜时按摩双手均匀吸收精华
- No burden to use frequently频繁使用无负担
- Pair with our Orchid Flower Foot Peeling Mask to get DOUBLE BEAUTY EFFECTS 😉搭配我们的蒂欧丝去角质脚膜,获得双重美容效果😉

How to use:
1. Clean and dry your hand. 清洁并擦干您的手。
2. Take out the hand masks and wear them like gloves. 取出手膜,像手套一样戴上。
3. Fix it with the sticker on your wrist and massage your hands to absorb the essence evenly. 用手腕上的贴纸固定,按摩双手,让精华液均匀吸收。
4. Remove hand masks after 20-30 minutes. 20-30 分钟后取下手膜。
5. Massage your hands with remaining essence until it is fully absorbed. 用剩余的精华液按摩双手直至完全吸收。

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