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The ORCHID Skin Orchid Flower Foot Peeling Mask 1pair

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- Foot peeling masks in the form of socks and soaked with dead cell removal ingredients (AHA) 袜子形式的足部脱皮面膜,并用死细胞去除成分 (AHA) 浸泡
- Helps to remove old, hard & thick dead skin cells, giving back soft & smooth baby feet帮助去除老旧、坚硬和厚厚的死皮细胞,让双脚恢复柔软光滑
- Hydration care for moist foot with lactic acid + apple + orchid extract in the foot peeling mask含有乳酸+苹果+兰花提取物的水润足部保湿护理
- Contains Orchid Flower, Grape, Apple, Magnolia Flower and Sweet Almond Extract (Paraben Free) 含有兰花、葡萄、苹果、木兰花和甜杏仁提取物(不含防腐剂)
- DO NOT take off the cells in force as the skin may react sensitively. The dead skin cells will fall off slowly after 4 to 6 days after use请勿强烈取下死皮,因为皮肤可能会产生敏感反应。使用后4~6天,死皮细胞会慢慢脱落。

Beauty Tips:
- If dead cell is thick, use it for long! Wear foot mask 10 or 20 minutes more, the cell removal function gets much better. *If you wear sleeping socks, it helps to infuse cell removal ingredients into horny layer and it helps to active easily 如果死细胞很厚,请长时间使用! 多戴足膜 10 或 20 分钟,细胞去除功能会好很多。 *如果你穿睡袜,它有助于将细胞去除成分注入角质层。
- Use 1 time per month! 每月使用1 次!
- Pair with our Orchid Flower Hand Mask to get DOUBLE BEAUTY EFFECTS 😉 搭配我们的蒂欧丝手膜以获得双重美容效果😉

How to use:
1. Cut the middle of foot mask by using scissors. Wear it like socks and fix the ankle parts. 用剪刀剪掉足膜的中间部分。 像袜子一样穿,固定脚踝部位。
2. Massage foot to absorb the essence evenly. Wait for 30-40 minutes to absorb. 按摩足部,使精华均匀吸收。 等待30-40分钟吸收。
3. Take off the foot mask and rinse it. 取下足膜并冲洗干净。
4. After 4-6 days of use, the dead cell will fall off naturally. 使用4-6天后,死细胞会自然脱落。

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