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The ORCHID Skin Milk PONG DANG Hand Cream

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Milk Pong Dang Hand Cream – Milk extract + nourishing 牛奶炸弹护手霜- 牛奶提取物 + 滋养

- Smooth skin care with milk protein extract & natural ingredients使用牛奶蛋白提取物和天然成分,呵护肌肤
- Silky milk color cream texture, popping out milky drops by rubbing丝滑的牛奶色奶油质地,揉搓会冒出乳白色的水珠
- Milk protein extract with mixture of fresh cotton fragrance, creating moisture protection layer & strengthening skin barrier (Paraben Free) 牛奶蛋白提取物混合新鲜棉香,创造保湿保护层和加强皮肤屏障(不含防腐剂)
- Healthier by natural ingredients such as Milk Protein, Centella Asiatica, Green Tea & Yam Root Extract牛奶蛋白、积雪草、绿茶和山药根提取物等天然成分

How to use:
After wash and dry your hands, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly on your hands, fingers and nails for better absorption. 将双手洗净擦干后,取适量均匀涂抹于手部、手指和指甲,以利于吸收。

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