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The ORCHID Skin Apple Soft Peeling Gel

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- Peeling gel with nature derived AHA ingredients helps to remove dead skin cells含有天然 AHA 成分,有助于去除死皮细胞
- Soft & mild peeling effect, suitable even for sensitive skin柔软温和的去角质效果,即使是敏感肌肤也适用
- Skin gets vitalized, more glow & radiant肌肤焕发活力,更加容光焕发
- Contains Apple, Aloe Vera Leaf, Peppermint Leaf & Centella Extract (Paraben Free) 含有苹果、芦荟叶、薄荷叶和积雪草提取物(不含防腐剂)

Beauty Tips:
Body & facial 2 in 1 - Can be used on face, body, elbow and knee身体和面部二合一 - 可用于面部、身体、肘部和膝盖

How to use:
1. After washing, dry the face then apply an adequate amount on the face. 洗脸后,擦干面部,然后取适量涂抹于面部。
2. Gently massage the face and avoid around eyes and mouth. 轻轻按摩脸部,避开眼睛和嘴巴周围。
3. Rinse off with the lukewarm water. 用温水冲洗干净。

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