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The ORCHID Skin 3-in-1 Eyebrow Pencil Powder Brush

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3-in-1 Eyebrow wonders at your fingertips. A slanted tips eyebrow liner that helps to shape of your eyebrow more steadily, sharper and more precise end tail. Easy application and it stays all day and does not fade nor smudge with perspiration. As hydrating components are infused, it will not cause irritations nor dryness to the eye area. Contain Macadamia Seed Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Avocado Seed Oil and Rose Hip Fruit Oil.

- Pencil, powder & brush in one! 眉笔、粉末和刷子ALL IN ONE!
- Triangular shape pencil provides easy & quick application with delicated & vivid color三角形铅笔可轻松快速涂抹,色彩细腻生动
- Soft powder provides long lasting & oil proof application柔软的粉末提供持久的防油应用
- Screw brush contours eyebrows naturally螺旋刷自然地勾勒眉毛
- Contains natural ingredients such as Macadamia Seed Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Rose Hip Fruit Oil & Avocado Oil含有坚果籽油、杏籽油、玫瑰果油和鳄梨油等天然成分
- Plant oil provides shine & nourishing eyebrows植物油提供光泽和滋养眉毛

Beauty Tips:
Rose brown – Red brown colour for light brown hair 玫瑰棕 - 适合浅棕色头发
Ash Gray – Gray brown colour for black and dark hair 灰咖 - 适合黑色和深色头发
Choco Brown – Dark blow colour for natural and dark brown hair 深咖 - 适合自然和深棕色头发

How to use:
1. Fill up entire eyebrow by powder. 用粉末填满整个眉毛。
2. Draw the eyebrow line from the head to tail by pencil. 用铅笔从头到尾画眉线。
3. Lightly blend eyebrow by brush to complete the shape and create natural-looking. 用刷子轻轻混合眉毛,完成造型,打造自然妆容。

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