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The ORCHID Gold Powder Gel Mask

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- Gold Hydrogel mask added with premium 24K gold powder & ceramide, encourage deep penetration of the powerful ingredients inside蒂欧丝金粉凝胶面膜添加优质 24K 纯金粉末和神经酰胺,促进深层渗透
- 24K gold stimulates skin cells, increases elasticity & reduces fine lines, wrinkles & premature aging 24K 金可激发皮肤细胞、增加弹性并减少细纹、皱纹和过早老化
- Ceramide locks moisture into your skin, helps prevent dryness and irritation 神经酰胺将水分锁在皮肤中,有助于防止干燥和刺激
- Soluble hydrogel mask (Active ingredient x hyaluronic acid) provides more elasticity & hydration to skin than normal sheet mask, making the skin glowy & plumping具有紧密贴服力, 可溶性水凝胶面膜(活性成分x 透明质酸)比普通面膜提供更多的弹性和水分,使肌肤焕发光彩
- Contains natural ingredients such as 24K Pure Gold, Hyaluronic Acid, Seawater, Red Algae, Lavender, Viola Tricolor Flower & Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract (Paraben Free) 含有天然成分,如 24K 纯金、透明质酸、海水、红藻、薰衣草、紫罗兰三色花和半紫荆花提取物(不含防腐剂)

Beauty Tips:
Use it successively for 4 weeks (in due consideration of a skin turnover cycle) to see the magical effects连续使用4周(基于考虑皮肤更新周期),即可看到神奇的效果
Not enough? Pair with our best-selling Eye Patch! 搭配我们最畅销的蒂欧丝口香糖凝胶眼贴!

How to use:
1. After applying toner, take out the sheet mask from packaging and unfold it. 涂抹爽肤水后,从包装中取出面膜并展开。
2. Remove the thin film from sheet mask then apply it on your skin. 从面膜上取下薄膜,然后将其敷在皮肤上。
3. Remove the sheet mask after 20 minutes. Gently pat the remaining essence until it is fully absorbed. 20 分钟后取下面膜。 轻轻拍打剩余的精华液直至完全吸收。

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