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SUPERFOOD LAB Biotin + Scalp Shampoo / Treatment 480ML

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Intensive scalp care to care for scalp itching and dandruff, to healthy hair. The cosmetic coenzyme Biotin applies an effect on hair care while bringing firmness and shiny to your hair. Paraben free, sulphate free, silicone-free, laureth-free, animal-derived raw materials free & artificial colouring free. Can also use it for sensitive skin. Lime & Lavender gently fragrance.

Product Features:

- Intensive scalp care suppressesitching and dandruff on the scalpfor clean and gentle hair

- Biotin regulates the scalp environment, dries the scalp and moisturises the hair

- Lime & Lavender Scent

Key Ingredients:

- Biotin +10 kinds of superfood

- 7 kinds of hair active extract

- Natural origin ingredients 99%

Direction for use:

- After using the shampoo, remove the moisture appropriately, apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair, and then rinse thoroughly with water.

- It is recommended to use it together with SUPERFOOD LAB shampoo for better results.

Product Warnings:

- Please discontinue use when there are abnormalities such as wounds, redness, eczema, etc. on the scalp.

-If you accidentally get into your eyes during use, do not rub it. Please rinse with cold or warm water.

- In the event of abnormalities such as irritation during use or after use, it is recommended to stop use immediately and go to a dermatologist and other professional physicians for treatment.

-Do not store this product in places subject to extremely high or low temperatures and direct sunlight.

-Please place this product out of the reach of children.

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