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SUPERFOOD LAB Biotin Essence Body Wash 480ML

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100% soap is used, so the fluffy dense foam wraps your body comfortably, giving you the feeling of washing your entire body with a beauty essence. Combining with 10 types of super food ingredients and adjusting the composition of the ingredients that are the basis of soap, a fluffy, dense foam has been realised. Gently removes dirt while leaving the necessary moisture on the skin. Contains the scent of lime and lavender.

Product Features:

- Dense foam with fine texture like whipped cream.

- Comfortably wash the whole body with beauty essence.

- Good foam breakage and a smooth and smooth finish

-Fragrance: Lime & Lavender

Direction for use:

- Take an appropriate amount on a wet hand or towel and whisk well.

- Rinse your skin like a massage, then rinse thoroughly.

Key Ingredients:

-Biotin and superfoods & rarr; Makes your skin firm and shiny.

- Apple fruit cell culture extract & rarr; Ageing care.

- Reseveratol & rarr; Gives moisture and makes the skin textured

- Lactic acid bacteria fermented extract & rarr; For soft skin due to fruit acid action.

Product Warning:

- Please discontinue use when there are abnormalities such as wounds, redness, eczema, etc. on your skin.

- If you accidentally get into your eyes during use, do not rub it. Please rinse with cold or warm water.

- In the event of abnormalities such as irritation during use or after use, it is recommended to stop use immediately and go to a dermatologist and other professional physicians for treatment.

-Do not store this product in places subject to extremely high or low temperatures and direct sunlight.

- Please place this product out of the reach of children.

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