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SIMONE Medi Skin / Aqua Serum Infused Mask - Anti Aging Firming Repairing Moisturising Facial Serum Mask

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1.) Medi Skin Mask - 7pcs/box

2.) Aqua Serum Infused Mask 50ml

3.) Medi + Aqua Set Included: 
-1x Medi Skin Mask 7pcs + FOC 2pcs Mask
-1x Aqua Serum Infused Mask 50ml

SIMONE's Patented French Formula, Ultra-Hydrating and Ultra-Repairing,Using a combination of scientific expertise and natural cereal extracts, Medi Skin Mask can effectively.
-Brighten up the complexion
-Enhance skin moisturizing ability
-Smoothen skin texture
-Strengthen skin barrier
- Firming and moisturising

SIMONE Medi Skin Mask 7pcs - for A Moisture Boost
1. Hydrating & Moisturizing - Contains hyaluronic acid to improve skin self-moisturising ability and skin moisture barrier, providing instant hydration to the skin.
2.Firming & Lifting -The nanofiber membrane is lightweight yet resilient which fits perfectly on the face to provide a firming and lifting effect.
3. Brightening & Toning -A sheet of mask contains 28ml of essence which deeply hydrates the skin, leaving skin moist and radiant.

SIMONE Aqua Serum Infused Mask ( 50ML ) for A Glowing Complexion
1.Long-Lasting Hydration: A multivitamin and grain bio actives that circulates hydration and forms a moisturising film on the skin for long-lasting hydration.
2.Soften Skin: The specially developed hydrating texture is refreshing, non-greasy and easily absorbed, enhancing the skin's clarity and reducing the appearance of fine lines, leaving it smooth and refined.
3.Night Repair: Double the essence and multiply the hydration to repair the skin barrier and strengthen the skin's foundation, thus revitalising the skin's condition.

Safe Ingredients, Ingenuity Production:
- No Artificial Colours
- Alcohol-free

- Fluorescence-free
- No Preservatives

Suitable for
- All skin types
-Sensitive skin
- Sallow and dull skin
-Skin prone to heat
-Those who need intense hydration
-Cakey makeup
-Treat sun-damaged skin
-Skin with signs of aging

Having good skin is like getting good results, both requires great cultivation. Behind every flawless
skin is a tremendous effort spent. Facial mask is especially important as it can help to speed up the process.

Here at SIMONE, we provide the ultimate skincare duo to help keep your skin supple and soft!
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