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This powerful product can create beautiful double-eyelid that lasts for 24 hours. It's a colorless double sided tape made from medical material which doesn't hurt your skin. 

1. Please wipe off sebum and the dirt of eyelids.
Tear the left edge which you use off clear sheet. With tweezers, tear off tape from the edge carefully.

2. Look down and put tape on the line where you want to make double line with tweezers. Carefully. Hold the eyelids quietly and stick it.
*If tape is unstable, it may cause coming off of double-eyelid line which you made. Please put the tape steadily.

3. Pinch the middle of paper and peel of them in opposite side carefully. Please be careful not to put them in your eyes.

4. Adjust tape to fit on double-eyelid line by using pusher part of original stick.
Push eyelid along the eyelid line softly and arrange it.

5. After fix the double-eyelid line from outer of eye to inner, put off the pusher. If you put your usual eye makeup on the tape, it become more natural. 

◆How to remove eye tape◆
Moisten cotton and put it on the eyelid. When the tape includes water and becomes easy to tear off, please remove the tape carefully. (*If you peel it off by force, it causes damage on your eyelid. Do not.) After remove the tape, tone the skin with skin lotion.

Use only for intended purpose./ Person with weak or sensitive skin, person who has allergies shouldn’t use this product./If the abnormality such as a rash, an inflammation appears, please stop using it and please see a dermatologist./If you feel the abnormality when you use it, please stop to use it./When you use the stick, be careful not to damage your eyes or eyelid./When you remove the eye tape, you must apply the cotton which is moisten on your eyelid and please peel off tape from edge of outer after tape is moisten well./When you sleep or you get heavy exercise, do not use it. There is the possibility of getting unexpected hurt./Please peel off the tape moderately and avoid continuing to use for a long time./ Please keep it out of reach of children./ Please keep away it from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.
*There is detailed description inside. Please read it well and use products correctly.

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