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Expiry Date: Dec-2022

Makeup brush & sponge cleanser that washes off dirt and residue clearly. It has antibacterial effect and is silicon free!

< How to wash make up brush>

Pour some cleaner into a container and dip the dirty part of your make up brush into the cleaner. Swirl your brush in the container to clean and then rinse it under runnning water.

After removing the excess water from the brush with a towel, reshape your brush and lay it out to dry it well in the shade.

Put some cleaner on the sponge dried and wash it to remove its dirt. After that, rinse it under runnning water. Remove the excess water from sponge and dry it well in the shade.


Use only for intended purpose./ Be careful not to put it in eyes. Wash off immediately with water or warm water in case of it getting in eyes. Please go to an eye doctor if the situation is bad./Be careful not to drink it. Drink water or warm water immediately in case of drinking it. Please go to an eye doctor if the situation is bad./After you use it, please wash your hands well./ When you fell abnormality, please stop using it./ When they are used to control it by strong power or put a heavy thing, contents may overflow it. / Please confirm whether the cover of bottle closes when you carry it.

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