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Ora2 Me Stain Clear Toothpaste A2 净白无瑕牙膏 125g/140g

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Ora2 me 净白无瑕牙膏

-薄荷香 140g
-蜜桃薄荷香 140g
-清苹玫瑰香 140g
-白茶花香 125g*
-樱花薄荷香 130g
**特惠2支装:薄荷香 140g x 2 (附送 矽胶可折叠漱口杯)

Restore my teeth to its natural whiteness!
Redefine myself with 2 different types of stain clear toothpaste.


*Remove dirt
*Prevent tooth decay
*Reduce bad breath

5 Flavours:
-Natural Mint 140g
-Peach Leaf 140g
-Apple & Rose Mint 140g
-Floral White Tea 125g*
-Fresh Sakura Mint 130g
**Value Twin Pack: Natural Mint 140g x 2 (GWP Silicon Foldable Cup)

*100% original product. Imported from Japan.

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