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Ora2 Me Mouth Spray 净清气息口香喷剂 6ml

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香甜蜜桃/清爽薄荷/青柠薄荷/ 红葡萄柚/酷凉薄荷 /清凉汽水/青葡萄薄荷/莓果薄荷6ml



Ora2 Me Mouth Spray 6ml
Instantly Freshens Bad Breath & Removes Odour.
Antibacterial formula freshens breath & removes odour. It’s easy to carry, stylish & comes in 8 refreshing flavours.

-Cool Mint
-Quick Clear Mint
-Raspberry Mint
-Cool Cider
-Citrus Mint
-Grapefruit Mint
-Muscat Mint
-Juicy Peach

**Contains Alcohol. Non medicated product.
**Menthol ingredients can help remove odors in the mouth. Refresh pleasant mouth breath.
**After eating heavy smell food, after smoking and drinking.

*100% Original Product. 

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