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Ora2 Me Aroma Flavor Collection ActiveBerryMint DreamyLavenderMint SparklingCitrusMint

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Ora2 me Aroma Flavor Collection Toothpaste blended with aroma essential oils that you can choose according to your mood. It effectively removes stains with 3 types of silica. The stain control component soaks into the stain, dissolves it, and makes it difficult for stains to adhere.

""Active Berry Mint"" flavor toothpaste blended with colorful berries scented brightly and refreshingly to give you joy!

"" Dreamy Lavender Mint"" flavor toothpaste blended with lavender, sweet orange and rich cassis berry to give pleasant and calming feeling!

This "" Sparkling Citus Mint"" flavor toothpaste blended with fresh grapefruit to give you extra refreshment!

Direction for use:
● Apply the toothpaste on toothbrush.
● Gently brush the teeth and do not swallow.
● Brush your teeth at least twice a day.

● 将牙膏涂抹在牙刷上。
● 轻轻刷牙,不要吞咽。
● 每天至少刷牙两次。
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