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Nattorico Puero & Swizz Hair Shampoo / Hair Mask / Scalp / Hair SPA

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01 Restructuring Shampoo for Damaged Hair 
Protects hair against air pollution and against damages associated with chemicals, solvents and detergents as well as heat. Consistent usage results in softer and shiner hair.

- Repair damaged hair
- Provides adequate tension and beautiful luster to your hair
- Make your hair shine with it’s moisturizing properties
- Protects your hair from external irritant
02 Densify Shampoo for thinning Hair & Hair Fall
Promote hair growth and prevents hair loss. It has a unique combination of active ingredients to help prevent hair loss. It also leaves your scalp clean and healthy.

- Prevent and stop hair loss process
- Stimulate and provide sufficient energy to your hair growth
- Aroma that calms your mind and soothe your nerves
- Help in wet and dry comb detangling

03 Balancing Shampoo for Oily & Sensitive Scalp
Helps to soothe the scalp, leaving hair refreshed and smelling good.

- Reduce sebum and dandruff formation
- Eliminate il while cleansing and hydrating hair
- Preserve cutaneous barrier function for optimal protection
- Moisturize and anti-inflammatory

04 Restructuring Damage Hair Mask

Specially formulated to give you noticeably smooth, manageable hair, infused with Panthenol, it deeply nourishes the hair. This mask gives hair a more luxurious, smoother feel.

- Enhances gloss and elasticity of your hair
- Sleek hair improves hair management
- Vitamin B3 Supplement to improve hair growth

05 Intensive Scalp Essence

Pea Peptide and Hydrolysed Soy Protein which are known to enrich and keep your scalp and hair healthy. It promotes hair growth and improves scalp conditions.

- Maintain scalp moisture to optimize absorption of nutrient
- Anti hair mite
- Rebalancing natural hair cycle to normal state
- Boosts oxygen consumption and increases the natural energy of our cells.
- Anti Hair Mite - the Ethyl Butylacetylaminopropionate, one of the active ingredients in this product which can be a repellent to move insert away from treated skin, textiles and hair.

Direction & Caution: Shake before use. Massage the essence onto cleansed scalp in circular motion until fully absorbed.

Swizz Hair Spa

Promote hair growth, by stimulating follicle stem cell growth, migration and differentiation. Decreases the number of white hair and low pigmented hair and increases the number of moderate and highly pigmented cells in the hair bulb. Improve the ease of combing in both virgin and bleached hair.

Direction of use: Apply a suitable amount to wet hair. Massage into the rich later. Rinse thoroughly with water.

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