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NACIFIC Jeju Artemisia Essence 济州艾草精华液150ml [Exp Aug 2021]

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功效: 保湿补水, 控油, 舒缓

适用肌肤: 所有肤质, 敏感肌肤, 干性肌肤, 中性肌肤, 油性肌肤, 混合肌肤

肌肤困扰: 油性肌肤, 干性肌肤

This undiluted solution essence protects skin balance from external environment and calms skin with fresh air and rich moisture from the sea breeze of the blue sea in the pristine Jeju alpine region.
Dermal stimulation test completed oil-water balance care skin sedation care Moisturizing Boosting Care

From. Jeju
Warm Treasure Island, located in the southernmost part of the Korean Peninsula.
The benefits of Jeju's melancholia grown in the clean mineral environment of Mt. Halla.
It contains all the freshness of the time spent in the natural environment.
Start with the first essence of my skin, Jeju's sesame seed essence, which fills the inner strength of my skin.

Benefits:Hydrating, Oil Control, Soothing

Skin Type: All Skin Type, Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin

Skin Concern: Oiliness, Dryness

Direction: In the first step of skin care, use an appropriate amount in the palm or wet the cotton cloth to absorb it by tapping lightly according to the skin texture.

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