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Moon17 Herbal Extract Hair Tonic 100ml

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梦17 清新头皮赋活液 (免冲洗) 活化头皮活络毛髮,强化滋养髮根,维护头皮、头髮的健康 产品特色

From the Apls Natural Organic Plant Extract.
Contain natural and eco-certified plant extract ingredients, Moon17 hair tonic protect scalp by controlling scalp ictchiness, release scalp tension , balance oil secretion.

■ 长效保湿
■ 添加珍贵有机植萃
■ 预防异味
■ 独特迷人薰衣草香氛
■ 携带方便、随时使用
■ 免冲洗

The cooling sensation hair tonic give you a refreshing and odorless on your scalp. It help to improve blood circulation on scalp and promotes hair growth.
Maintain the health of scalp, nourishing hair, prevent scalp itch and dandruff.
Benefit of Moon17 Hair Tonic:
- cooling sensation
- improves itchy scalp
- clean and scalp detox
- promotes hair growth
- no rinse
- odor out
- oil control
- nutritions
- herbal extract
- lavender scent
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