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Moon17 EZ-Black Cream 75ml - Hair Color for white no rinse required

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EZ-Black cream with simple and convenient with no rinsing required to cover your grey hair naturally.Apply the cream every morning just like hair gel until achieve the hair color wanted. Ez-Black Cream apply on hair surface which will not cause any damage to scalp .

Color change from light brown -> dark brown -> Dark .

If you wish to achieve only light brown color , apply for 1-3 days only then stop. Re-apply again when grey hair grow out or 1-2 times per week as color maintainance. HALAL Certified.

Main features:
a) The use of "silver ions" principle, through the refraction of light (sunlight), the darkening effect used in hair dye. Silver ion sensitive dyes can repair damaged hair
b) Free p-phenylenediamine, without adding dyeing cream ingredients which likely cause allergies on scalp
c) Add high-purity Dimethicone which can bring with hair supple and silk. And add keratin ingredient, a high concentration of hydrolyzed keratin can repair damaged hair. Can be formed as a transparent protective layer on the hair, repair the loss of nutrients in the hair, rebuilding the hair toughness and luster, avoid hair damage by external
d) The concentration ratio of Conditioning Cream is modulated just fine to completely attached to the hair and no dripping. So it is no worry about the contamination on the skin when go outside.

How to use:
1) Squeeze out the sufficient amount of Ez-black cream on your palm (gloves is provided) .
2) Apply Ez-black cream evenly on your hair , may focus only on grey hair part ( comb is provided).
3) After apply, style your hair as usual. No hair wash or rinsing required.

* 不含对苯二胺, 无添加染色膏容易引起头皮过敏的成份
* 添加高纯度的矽灵能带给发丝柔顺跟丝滑感。以及添加角蛋白成分,含高浓度的水解角蛋白成分,能修补受损发质。能在头发上形成一层透明保护层,修补头发内流失养份,重建秀发韧性与光泽,避免发丝受外界伤害
* 护发霜浓度比例调制至刚好,完全附着於发丝,不滴落,不必担心出门时会沾染於皮肤

1. 請先用一般洗髮精清洗頭髮並吹乾頭髮(建議使用在乾髮上)。
2. 戴上手套擠於手掌心或梳子上,直接塗抹(梳)於希望著色之頭髮區域,無需塗抹過多避免造成黏膩。
3. 塗抹完成(梳)即可完成,不須沖洗頭髮。
4. 洗髮後,請重複使用2-3天,使用天數可依個人需求,直到滿意髮色為止;可每天使用,接觸光線後(日光燈/陽光),頭髮顏色會漸漸加深。顏色改變會因每個人的髮色髮質以及使用習慣,影響著色快慢及顏色深淺的變化。
5. 本產品不含任何PPD及化學染劑,故可放心塗抹於新生白髮上。
6. 本產品對皮膚雖不會產生化學作用,但對指甲會有顏色上的變化,故使用上建議著上手套。

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