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Mon Chareaut Alganiina Organic Rich Oil Shampoo/Treatment Mellow Rose 500ML/Hair Oil Mellow Rose 100ML

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Other and six types of herbal extracts derived from plants in the product introduction Argan oil (moisturizing) and grape seed oil (moisturizing), further compounding the six types of organic extract.

To damage part of the hair is oil is moist and penetration and repair, herbal extracts gives the moisture. To the hair shining from the inside, such as want to touch involuntarily.

Or in care use on the use, if the abnormality such as redness, swelling and itching and irritation appeared after use, please discontinue use when it is not suitable to your skin. The skin was used, if an abnormality such as the direct sunlight appeared, that it may worsen the symptoms continue to accept, we recommend that you consult your doctor and dermatologist you.

- When there is an abnormality such as a crack, swelling, eczema, please discontinue use.

- When it reaches the eyes, please rinse immediately.

- Please keep out of reach of children.

- Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperature and low temperature, after opening, please use as soon as possible.

- Contains natural ingredients, it may rarely discoloration precipitate comes out but there is no problem in quality. 

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