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MARO 3D Volume Up Cool Shampoo 起立! 3D丰盈酷凉洗发精 400ML (NEW)

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[新款] MARO 起立!3D丰盈酷凉洗发精 400ml

抗扁塌、强健发、浓发感 .世界首创Defenscalp 日本趋势话题!1.5倍丰盈髮量!无硅油!
成分添加: 独家配方调理头皮,由内而外强化发心、修护发丝
功效: 滋润, 修复, 头发生长, 清新, 丰盈, 保湿补水
使用: 浸湿头发,取适量本产品揉搓起泡按摩头皮,再以清水彻底洗净即可。

NEW! Maro 3D Volume Up Cool Shampoo 400ML (Cool Sensation)
World's first defense carp ™ combination brand

In addition to the features of conventional 3D volume-up shampoos such as volume up and hair root protection , you can experience the overwhelming coolness achieved by the cool 3S control.

1. Persistent cool feeling!
Contains not only menthol, but also a “cool action ingredient” that feels a little warm. Feel and maintain a cool feeling with a contrasting effect, like salting watermelon.

2. Defense Culp ® * compounding
Drying the scalp can also contribute to dandruff and itching. Keep moisturized, prepare the scalp environment and lead to a healthy state.* Willow orchid flower / leaf / stem extract (moisturizing)

3. Clean pores with dense foam! Hair root protection ® * adopted
While moisturizing, it scrubs up to the base of hair that is easily dirty, and prepares the scalp environment.

4. A sense of volume Pasento 150 * UP to!
The ingredients blended in the shampoo act like a styling agent, realizing a distinctive feel.
When washing, the styling / hair volume component wraps the entire hair in a thin veil, leading to the hair rising from the roots.
*Compared to conventional products

5. Strengthen the core of the hair
A new 3D Core Repair that penetrates deep into the hair and supports the hair to the inside.
Three kinds of repair ingredients support from the inside of the hair that has become weak and thin due to the effects of aging and damage.

Benefits: Volumizing, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Repairing, Hair Growth, Refreshing

How to use:
1.Rinse out scalp and hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.
2.Take up appropriate amount and apply to the entire hair.
3. Work into a lather, wash the scalp as if massaging and rinse thoroughly.
Product's Standard Expired Date: 18 months++

Variation Options:
+Treament = MARO Deo Scalp Medicated Treatment 清新! 风行控油护髮素 480ML
 (Can use as Conditioner)
+Essence = MARO 3D Volume Hair Growth 3D Essence 起立! 3D草本强发精华液 150ml


- Liquid type products are NOT recommend delivery to EAST MALAYSIA. Please bear risk for your own.
- 液态产品不建议邮运到东马,若系统允许下单,请自行承担邮运期间出现的问题和损坏风险。

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