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Mane n Tail Original Shampoo 美国箭牌经典控油洗发精 946ml

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- 经典配方
- 打造有光泽、易打理发质
- Straight Arrow

美国箭牌马(Man 'n Tail)系列商品,皆为美国原装进口品牌配方已在美国热销30多年,广为大众所爱用
Man 'n Tail 美国总公司经营三十多年,以先进的制造技术且严格的品管为自我要求部分产品含有 MI 与 MCI 成份,但皆符合安全标准。

供人使用: 湿发时使用本产品,使用量取决于头发的数量和长度。用指尖梳洗头发,彻底洗净,之后使用美国经典箭牌护发素。


为取得最佳效果: 在使用完本款洗发露后,推荐使用经典美国箭牌护发素。

Originally created to help promote fuller, stronger, flowing manes and tails on show horses, people continue to discover this hair care solution for themselves.

Original Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner benefits:
-Exclusive formula for a renewed, lustrous healthy look that helps prevent hair breakage and split ends.
-Natural oils nourish and condition hair and scalp while delivering essential moisture to dry, damaged, neglected hair.
-Keeps hair tangle free, soft, manageable, while helping to maintain and achieve longer, stronger, fuller, healthier-looking hair.
-Safe and gentle for all hair types.
-Highly recommended for fine hair/ oil hair / or hair loss problem.
-Products from USA.

Volume: 946ml

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