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Mama's S5 Plus Wearable Breast Pump - Single Pump (24mm/27mm)

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⭕ 1 Yr Warranty on the Pump Against Manufacturer's Defect, Register Online.
*Warranty do not cover power adapter and wear & tear of all accessories.

Mama's S5 Plus Wearable Breast Pump

New Experience Of Pumping Experience 
- 9 Levels Stimulation
- 9 Levels Expression
- LCD Screen With Timer
- 6 oz for each cup

Large Capacity Lithium Capacity 1000mah
Quiet Design: ~ 45 - 50 db

Multiple Suction Level Adjustment
9 Levels Adjustment Stimulation and Expression Moden

Wearable Design
Bring it anytime anywhere!

Comfortable Pumping Experience
HF high frequency micro-vibration breast pumping is gentle, painless and will accelerates the milk ejection reflex, gentle and painless, and milk naturally.

BPA Free & Food Grade Silicone Material
Skin friendly silicone breast shield. Soft, comfortable and fit to your breast!

Backflow Prevention Design
Closed system hygiene design to prevent milk from flowing to pump body.

Powered by multiway power supply
Type-C interface to charge at any time, suitable for both at home and out. Can charging with power adapter, power bank, etc.

✨ 2 Phase Pumping Mode
The first stage: Stimulate lactation
It was quick and fast at first, massage stimulated mother. The nipple and areola promote milk secretion.

The second stage: pumping mode
When the milk flows out of the nipple, the baby will slow down, suck breast milk slowly and deeply.

👉 Breast pump size:
24mm or 27mm

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