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Maidenville Maskne Face Mist 50ml

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Maidenville Face Mist. A face mist that may help to prevent "maskne".
It is a face mist that creates a natural defense from acne, blemishes, and skin irritation caused by the usage of a facemask. (medical, N95, and cloth face masks).

Feature :
-Soothing and hydrating
-Oil free, additive free, fragrance free and alcohol free
-pH 12.2
-Kills 99.9% of bacteria
-Suitable for sensitive skin
-Japan formulated technology 

Direction For Use: 

- After cleanse, spray 3-5 times on the face, gently pat off excess spray.
- Usage Recommendation: 2 - 3 times or whenever necessary to provide care for long hour wear of face mask.

- Suitable to be used as a set-up finishing and hydration, gently spray sufficient amount onto face.

- Spray generously onto hair for frizz prevention and scalp for refresh.Frequent usage promotes healthy luster.

- Spray on blemish prone areas, such as chest, back and thigh. Gently pat on areas after spray for better absorption.

- Purified aqua, Alkaline electrolyzed water

- Stop usage if any skin abnormalities appear

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