Lunart Detergent For Lingerie 150ML/ Portable Detergent For Lingerie 10ML x 5's

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Lunart is a special detergent used to delicately remove menstrual stains on underwear and clothes.

Powerful washing agent with a decomposing enzyme formulation to break down blood stains!

Gentle & neutral formula

Suitable for old blood stains


Put 10 ml of this product in 500 ml of cold water (or lukewarm water), and mix well.

After 20 minutes, please wash with a washing machine or by hand without rinsing.

If stains are particularly difficult to remove, you can increase the amount of the product used and/or the washing time.

When clothing is contaminated with blood, it is very easy for it to solidify, so please do not use hot water above 40 ℃.


surfactant (35% Polyoxyalkylene alkyl ether, linear alkylbenzene sulfonate), enzyme, stabilizer, softener, deodorant

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