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Korea Flexin Pim Spray 衣物除皱消臭喷雾

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No time to iron? Clothes smelling like your closet? De-wrinkle and deodorize your clothes with Flexin Pim Spray! 

Simply spray on areas you want to straigthen and let it work its magic. It also has anti bacterial benefits! You will look prim and proper with just a few sprays!


- Manufacturer : FLEXIN

- Country of origin : Republic of Korea

- Volume : 300ml

- Product description :

Do not go out wearing crumpled clothes anymore. 

A small wrinkle can ruin your image. 

It is recommended for such people:

1. Dormitory student without iron. 

2. Workers in daily shirts 

3. If you want a clean image before dating

Patent Application of Pim Spray Fiber collagen makes a uniform collagen film on fiber and makes irregular direction uniform, improving wrinkles. 

It is clearly observed that the fiber collagen component is uniformly and uniformly coated on the entire fiber to protect the fiber and form a fiber collagen film having an appropriate thickness. 

Deodorizing and deodorizing fiber, provides deodorant effect. 

99.9% removal of pneumococcus. 99.9% removal of Staphylococcus aureus. Removes wrinkles, as well as eliminates worry about odor. Skin intelligence stability test and humidifier This product has completed the detection test of cmit, mit, oit containing disinfectant. 

Pimpray is a safe product for both skin and respiratory and can be used without worry. 

Pim spray can improve wrinkles on cotton, hemp, synthetic fiber and shirt. 

Pimpray does not have wrinkle improving effect on 100% polyester 100% polyester, silk, rayon, leather and other materials that can not be dry-cleaned. 

It is effective for removing fine wrinkles, but it may have little effect on thick wrinkles.

Do not spray too close to one area, but spray about 30cm apart so that it is applied evenly to the fibers. 

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