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Korea ANormal Laundry Perfume衣物香氛喷雾

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Product : [ANormal] Normal Perfume

Brand : ANormal

Volume : 100ml

Country Of Manufacture : South Korea

Period of use : 3 Years since manufactured


Product Features:


-We made the first and sole fabric perfume in Korea without containing 26 potentially allergic ingredients.

Antibacterial effect from organic ingredients kills 99.9 percent of germs

-Use Cypress and ingredients derived from natural resources which are guaranteed its antibacterial effect on bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus (kill 99.9%) by IPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office) and ECOCERT(in France)

99.6 percent of deodorizing ability

Our product is authorized its ability to eliminate Ammonia (99.6%), Tri-methylamine (99.6%), formaldehyde (80%) by KCL(Korea Conformity Laboratories)

Long-lasting scent

-It is not diluted by other elements( such as body odor, sweat etc). So it can delicately last its scent on garment for long

Certified hypo-allergenic product

-Normal Perfume is passed a skin stimulus test by authorized testing organization. So you can trust its proven safety. Feel free to apply it to baby garments as well.

Green Healing Garden 绿色疗愈


Beige Laundry 米白柔软精

苹果和青柠的香味 像洗澡后被温暖的毛巾包着,有清新及柔和的感觉

Black Blank黑色 (男士专用)

苹果和青柠的香味 为米白柔软精的加强版,提高33%的浓度,香气跟鲜明

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