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Jex SOD Lotion Long Vacation 180g 成人润滑霜

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- 可用于所有部位,包括私密部位
- 做了皮肤过敏测试和粘膜刺激测试
- 温和的酸度--对皮肤温和
- 容易洗掉
- 不含甘油,适用于易受酵母菌感染的用户

SOD Lotion 用于不同的用途
身体乳液: 浓密而难干的凝胶,可缓解严重的摩擦。
● 性润滑剂[膜]:可溶于水
● 自慰[膜/皮肤] : 为摩擦而制定的
● 皮肤和膜的安全性、口服毒性、过敏性和对避孕套的影响已被测试。

SOD Lotion Long Vacation is a softly acidic, non-colored, unscented body lotion.

It is a "long play type" that keeps a slimy feeling for a long time. The excellent moisturizing power minimizes friction between skin.

It can be used on all areas including intimate areas.

- Thick and hard-to-dry gel which alleviates severe friction.
- Excellent moisture retention.
- Can be used on all areas including intimate areas.
- Skin test and mucosal irritation test proven
- Perfect for play"

Direction for use: Take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand, please use spread directly to the skin.

Product Warnings:
- If any abnormalities on skin, discontinue use
- Do not use for eye area
- There is no harm when eaten, but this product is not food
- After use, rinse with warm water or body soap
- When use for long time, it may cause dry skin
- Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool, dry place
- Keep out of reach of children
- Please use as soon as possible after opening. Do not use expired product"

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