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Jex 8986 Jelly Lubricant Gel for Back 110g - For Mens 高韧性润滑凝胶

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8986 高韧性和润滑性
耐干的 "可恢复的 "润滑性 - 通过加水可迅速恢复滑溜溜的感觉。
- 为膜的安全而配制
- 对避孕套没有不良影响
- 不含甘油,可溶于水
- 含有透明质酸钠和胶原蛋白
- 无味、无色
- 经皮肤过敏测试


Strong revival
The strong revival is the most efficient particular of this special lotion in addition to keep lubrication as a gel.

Tender for skin
Special lotion free from gliceline normally used for any lubricant aiming at securing safety of skin and mucous membrane and hyaluronic acid collagen is combined.

Easy to use
Covenient to carry thanks to tube style simple design and one touch cap adopted for easy use.

The most effective way to prevent from being infected by STI(STD)(infection of sexual disease) among gay people or normal couple is using condom. However, as the mucous membrane in the anus is quite thin, anal sex almost always bring about some kind of bleeding even though it may be invisible. Also semen is hard to be discharged to out side from anus as a result of which risk to be infected by any sexual disease may increase. As no lubricating liquid comes out inside the anus just like inside vagina, risk of condom broken may become higher than expected, too. Therefore, it is really recommendable for gay people or normal couple who are fond of anal sex to use lotion and lubricant jelly. 8986 is lotion really to fit this purpose.

Monitoring check has been implemented at gay community of MASH Osaka.

Collected questionnaire for over 100 gay people based on which thorough and necessary research and development have been realized to materialize 8986 to clear requested “KEEP LUBRICATING” “ SAFETY INSIDE BODY” “EFFECT FOR BODY” and “AFFECTION FOR CONDOM”

8986 created from users direct voice

Free from gliceline in order not to create any effect to have loose bowels
One touch cap to make possible easy opening by one hand only
Revival of moisture by adding water when gel restarts to be dried.

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