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Japlo iPump Breast Pump Accessories - Valve, Breast Shield, Vacuum tube, Bottle Connector

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-All accessories are made of high quality food-grade polypropylene.

-Non-toxic, unbreakable, tough and heat resistant to 120C.

-Have smooth internal necks and no sharp edges, therefore no germ traps and are perfectly safe to use.

-Japlo Baby Products have complied with Halal requirements according to Islamic Laws. It shows that the manufacturing process for the products safe for worldwide Muslim utilisation and consumption.
-Japlo pride themselves in obtaining 's Good design award for innovative Easy Grip bottle. Also, Japlo is CE and SIRIM certified.

Accessories list option:
1.) 1pc valve + 3pcs membranes

2.) Breast shield with cover
It helps in pumping mother milk and at the same time gives more comfortable situation to mother while pumping the milk

3.) Vacuum tube
Vacuum tubes play a role in sucking mother milk to be filled in the bottle. 
It connects the iPump and the bottle. It can be changed separately without changing the iPump.

4.) Bottle connector
Bottle connector will connect Japlo breastshield and the bottle.
It ensures the milk is being sucking successfully and fills in the bottle. This bottle connector is non-toxic and will not harm mother milk.

Product size: 10.0cm x 3.9cm x 6.0cm
Product weight: 15g

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