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HimeCoto Tsuru Hana Hime Peeling Cream For Your Nose 去角质黑头凝胶 18G

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This is the peeling cream for nose blackheads and cuticle.

Just rub gently onto your nose with tiny amount.

The dirt on the skin is removed like an eraser!

The peeling cream firmly adsorbs the dirt, blackheads and white plugs.

Blackheads and white plugs are all removed within 30 seconds!!

How it works:

1. Gently massage on your skin and dirt is all removed from these easily.

2. Charcoal and mud adsorb the dirt firmly from deep inside of your nose!

3. Six natural extracts and moisturising ingredients keep your nose silky.

Dirt Adsorption: Charcoal, Mud

Natural Extracts: Aloe Vera Extract, Artichoke Extract

Moisturisation: Hot Spring Water, Hyaluronic Acid Na

How to Use:

Wash face thoroughly and use a towel to pat dry
Take a dab (bean-sized) of the gel on your finger and apply to the nose. Spread it thinly and evenly
Wait for 10 seconds and gently massage in a circular motion (Do not rub skin too hard)
After taking off the dirt, wash your nose with warm water. If the dirt does not come off, wash your nose with facial cleanser.
Recommended: Use 1 - 2 times a week

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