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Herbal Master Beauty Nourishing Tea 药材师父养颜滋润茶

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养颜滋润茶- 最近气色较差?- 养颜滋润茶能帮助益气补血,让你的气色变好- 内涵姜段,帮助驱寒- 内涵枸杞、桂圆、金边玫瑰,搭配出美容养颜的效果---------------------------产品介绍成分:枸杞,桂圆,姜段,枣片,金边玫瑰益处:美容养颜、益气补血保质期:一年产地:马来西亚包装-----------------------------简易冲泡方式1. 取出一袋茶包倒入壶 / 杯中。2. 将300毫升的沸水倒入壶 / 杯中。3. 等待15分钟即可饮用。*可依据个人喜好调整水量及冲泡次数-----------------------------温馨提醒适宜人群:孩童、少年、成人、年长者保存方法:请将食材存放到冰箱,以达到保鲜效果。-----------------------------Benefits : Beautify Skin, Replenish BloodOur flower tea specialty in packaging:1. Air tight bottle packaging, to keep the flowers fresh2. The bottles are easy to carry, and made of PET, a material good for recyclability. Good quality bottle can be reused too.3. Our packaging focuses on transparency. We believe in “quality can be seen” ~看得见的品质#Herbalmaster #beauty # Nourishing #nourish #tea#healthcare #beautify
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