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Fine Japan Resvera Resveratrol Wine 500ML (No Alcohol) [EXP 06/2021]

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March Clearance Promo @ RM39/btl **[EXP 06/2021]

FINE Resvera Wine 500ml 無酒精紅酒 ! | 红酒也可预防乳腺癌 !!!!!
生活繁忙壓力的男生喝了可以緩解情緒 改善睡眠質量 工作時更有勁!! (脾氣也會變好好的..這樣才能應付女朋友每天的十萬個為什麼...)

女生喝了可以美容養顏 幫助減肥 ( 含花青素,就是赋予酒颜色的物质,这种物质具有很好的抗氧化抗衰老的作用 ) 就算素顏也不怕被問說是不是生病呢!? 這FINE RW紅酒對叔叔阿姨更是益處多多哦! 

-保护心脏 (法国研究者发现,每天喝1~3杯红葡萄酒可使心脏病的危险下降35% )

-抗动脉硬化 ( 含有一种抗氧化物质白藜芦醇,有抗血栓、预防动脉硬化等功效 )



Rich in powerful antioxidant--Resveratrol.

FINE Resvera Wine is a non-alcoholic drink that's great for boosting energy levels, improving vitality, metabolism, and delaying the ageing process as well.
This product contains plenty of polyphenols and it maintains the sweetness, acidity and the flavour of wine without any of the negatives associated with alcohol.

Drink it at anytime to reap it's healthy benefits.

Concentrated Grape Juice, Grape Peel Extract (containing Resveratrol), Acidulant, Flavouring, Vitamin C

Volume: 500ml
Expiry Date: **Standard up to 12months+

Original Imported from Japan

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