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Fine Japan Organic Pearl Coix Extract Powder 100%有机薏仁精华粉 [Bottle 170G/Refill Pack 190G]

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FINE 100%有机薏仁精华粉
大大一罐,養顏、養生 一起給你
降低血脂肪、降血糖 、促进新成代谢
Made in Japan 100% Organic


无激素, 无添加素,无防腐剂,无重金属
日本有机JAS认证 (世界最高标准的有机认证)

Fine Organic Pearl Coix Extract Powder 100% is one of the best sellers for above 30 years. The adlay candy is developed by FINE JAPAN in 1975, and it has been evaluated as a pioneer. The Pearl Coix Extract Powder 100% which we spend 5 years to develop is a best seller for a long time.

This organic adlay is highly selected and very rare material grown in a part of China (Hunan) that is said to be an origin of adlay. This product contains 100% of pure organic extract without any auxiliary material.

This premium pearl coix extract powder is manufactured by our original formula that only the hard shell is eliminated and is using the materials concentrated with low molecular weight by enzymatic hydrolysis in order to absorb more easily.

100% pure organic pearl coix extract reduce melanin and whitening your skin naturally. In ancient Chinese medicine studies, Pearlcoix helps in eliminate water retention, treating skin disease like acne and swellings.

Our main ingredient of OPC which give us the effect of
- Anti Inflammatory
- Anti Oxidants
- Immunity
- Whitening

Take 2~4 spoons of it directly.
The taste will be more delicious if you put it into coffee, tea, milk or other favorite beverages.

Organic Pearl Coix Extract (Coix lacryma-jobi var. ma-yuen)

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