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Fine Japan Green Tea & Coffee Diet 45G (1.5g×30sticks) 綠茶减肥咖啡

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绿茶和咖啡,由日本最热门的知名减肥专科医生工藤孝文 (Takahumi Kudo,M.D)先生亲自监督!

日本瘦身专家工藤孝文是专研医生,他指出:「绿茶咖啡减肥茶饮特别针对三餐外食、 生活忙碌、没有控制饮食或运动的人。即使需要控制体重以远离慢性病的人都非常适合不过。」工藤孝文医生亦曾经亲身实证,测试前他的体重为92公斤,测试期间并没有强逼自己做运动,刻意控制饮食。在几乎跟日常生活没差情况下,只依靠在餐前,一天饮用三杯绿茶咖啡,便有效在10个月内减掉25公斤。


- Weight loss
- Cold prevention
- Healthy drink
- Great light-tasting coffee
- For those who want to go on a diet with minimal effort 

Green Tea & Coffee Diet is one of the finest products curated by Takahumi Kudo,M.D.—one of the most famous weight loss diet doctor in Japan !! Green Tea & Coffee Diet consists of a special formulation of green tea powder mixed with coffee bean powder. It is good for a weight loss diet without exerting too much on the jogging track. It works in a way where Chlorogenic Acid in coffee and Catechins from green tea assists in weight reduction. The light, smooth, refreshing taste is easy on the taste palettes and is a perfect addition for a daily go to beverage!

1.) Take 1 to 3 stick with 150ml to 300ml of hot water or 250ml to 300ml of water. For better solubility, dissolve it in a little hot water before adding the remaining amount of water.

2.) The box contains 30 packets, that equals 30-day course if you take 1 packet a day. However, for better result we recommend to take 3 packets a day, but in this case one box equals 10-day course.

Coffee, Green Tea Powder, Raw Coffee Bean Extract, Coffee bean powder/Tea Extract

PRODUCT VOLUME: 45g (1.5g×30sticks)


-If it does not suit you, reduce the amount of serving or discontinue use.
-Consume it as soon as possible after unsealed.
-Consume right after it has been dissolved.
-A taste/color may vary or a precipitate may appear due to its own ingredient, but that doesn't affect quality of the product.
-Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating

** 100% Original From Japan
** Authorized Reseller

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