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Eye Putti Double Eyelid Glue 8ML/ Liquid Tape 9.5ML 双眼皮定型胶

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Eyelid Glue 双眼皮定型胶8ML:
Double eyelids quickly and easily. Best selling glue to create double eyelid.

-Contains Chamomile Extract which moisturizes skin around the eye area
-Resistant to water, sebum and sweat
-Quick Drying

Eyelid Liquid Tape 超隐形双眼皮液体胶带 9.5ML:
Enjoy a natural double eyelid effect even when you close your eyes.

-New type of double eyelid maker that does not glue creases 
-Resistant to sweat and water to keep double eyelids effect stay longer
-Easy removes with water-soaked cotton
-Dries quickly
-Unnoticeable as it does not shine and is transparent
-Include ingredients that moisture yout eyelids
-You can wear makeup even when applying the formula

How to use:
-Before apply the formula, use cotton pad to clean the upper eyelid to remove access sebum or dirt.
-Use the applicator to slightly push the desired part where you want to double up the eyelids.
-Apply the formula onto your eyelids 3 - 5mm above your lashlines. 
-Wait for the formula to dry.
-For EYELID GLUE 8ML: When the glue becomes almost transparent, use the applicator to slightly push the eyelids upwards.
-Look up and you can get a natural double eyelids!



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