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Evas Pedison Do Fresh Soda Feminine Cleanser 300ml

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Good practice that starts with refreshing sparkling cleanser

- Hypoallergenic safe cleaning

- Extra sparkling refreshing

- No odour concerns with tea tree scent

- pH balance care

Sparkling Carbonated water Extra refreshing

- Refreshing care for the Y zone, relieves uncomfortable feeling all day!

- By adding carbonated water to a transparent gel-type cleanser, It enhances the refreshing feeling and keep the intimate area fresh.

pH balancing, wweak acid cleanser

- The essential key to healthy Y-zone is pH care!

- pH balancing protects beneficial bacteria in the vagina.

Sensitive Y-zone skin, Moisturizing & Elasticiy care

- refreshing care for the Y zone, relieves uncomfortable feeling all day!

How to use

Take an appropriate amount into your hands and massage thoroughly, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Benefits: Cleansing, Anti-Bacteria, Refreshing

Skin Type: All Skin Type

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