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Evas Pedison Deo De Body Cleanser Passion Fruits 750ml

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The stench that stings my nose, or maybe from me too?

The fact that people are more sensitive to the smell of others than their own! Without realizing, My body smells...?

With de body cleanser effectively eliminates body odor like elderly smell and sweat through removing NONENAL and odor causing substances.

Furthermore, it maintains the most healthy skin.

Sweet tropical fruit fragrance, filled with the scent of passion fruit and the refreshing apple juice.

Remove the source of odour, feel the pleasant freshness!

1. Complete deodorization clinical trial. Perfect removing oudour-causing ammonia, trimetalamine.

2. Complete hypoallergenic clinical trial. Shower without irritation with 12 natural ingredients!

3. large capacity 750ml. Wash as much as you like on the areas that need extra care!

Moisture retention

- Low irritation natural plant extracts to soothe skin and moisturize every inch of skin.

Smooth Exfoliation

- Soft and rich bubbles without stimulation gently cleanse skin wastes.

Weak Acidity pH 5.5 ~ 6

- Similar to healthy skin acidity pH5.5 ~ 6maintaining ideal sin pH balance

Removing Aging induced Odor

- help to remove secreted Hexanal, Nonenal and other accumulated body wastes.

How to use

Pour an appropriate amount into a shower bowl or sponge, bubble out, rub the whole body as if it is a massage, and rinse thoroughly with water.


Fragrance, Refreshing, Cleansing

Skin Type:

All Skin Type

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