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Evas mimi Lauryne's Moment Body Lotion 500ml

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Evas Mimi Laurynes Moment Body Lotion (Muse, Mellifluous, Gardenia)

1. Unique scent created with High-quality fragrances and perfect formulation

2. Hydrate your skin once applied, give the best moisturizing effect you crave

3. 500ml large body lotion!Can be used generously every day

Delicately and pleasantly, three scents that captivate you :

Muse : The fragrance of fresh dawn dew on rose petals.

Mellifluous : Sweet and powdery tulip scent.

Gardenia : Gardenia flower scent with a clear and cozy feeling.

1. Over 40 years of tradition! Unique scent created with high-quality fragrances and perfect formulation.

2. The secret of a moisturizing effect without stickiness, the combination of honey, camellia oil and jojoba oil.

3. Wrap up a day with your subtle scent

Recommended for these people :

1. Tired of the familiar scent of body lotion.

2. Looking for a high-capacity product with premium quality.

3. Expect high moisturizing feeling wthout stickiness

4. Looking for perfume-like body lotion

5. Feel healing with the fragrance.

How to use

After bathing, apply lotion to the body and gently massage until absorbed. Increase the amount of use in rough areas like elbow, knee, and heel.

Benefits: Hydrating, Fragrance, Moisturizing

Skin Type: All Skin Type, Normal Skin, Dry Skin

Skin Concern: Dryness

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